About us

PERFECT SOLUTION was formed as we realised the need to make the complex investment world more simple and easy to understand.

So Why Perfect Solution?

1. Approach :
We are using new revolutionary approach known as DMAIC strategy to achieve your financial goals. Briefly summarised the important milestone of DMAIC are as follows:

  • a. Define :
    Clearly define your goals in term of short term and long term goals. Short term goals could be buying first car, lifestyle needs, buying consumer durable etc. Long term needs are Child’s education, Child’s marriage, retirement planning etc.

  • b. Measure :
    What is the current status or where do you stand today. What are the metrics or units that will measure your performance.

  • c. Analyse :
    Determine the root causes of the problem. Is asset allocation in right? Determine risk profile of the client.

  • d. Improve :
    Clearly chalk out strategy and path that will be followed to achieve financial goals.

  • e. Control :
    It means drawing a checklist to monitor the progress of above drawn path to achieve financial goals. It involves clearly define the metrics and at what frequency these needs to be monitored.

2. Advisory :
We have team of experts on our panel who provide specific scheme (in different product categories) recommendations basis well researched extensive data.

3. Technology :
We provide state of art technology where customer can view their portfolio Anywhere Anytime. The portal has host of other features like goal setting, analysis of portfolio basis different criteria like category wise allocation, performance, fund house etc.

4. Customer Service :
Once you have decided and selected our products, we take care of entire processes- starting from filling up of forms, documents collection and then goes to timely statement , regular updates on performance , ECS intimation , change of bank a/c , change of contact details, statement request etc.

5. One Stop shop :
We provide variety of investment products to the customers that fit their goals. The product range comprises of equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds, FMP’s, corporate fixed deposits, mediclaim, motor insurance, home loan and loan against property.

Perfect Solution started its operation in May 2012 and within short span we have acquired 1100+ customers purely on the basis of genuine advice and prompt customer service. We believe in building long term relationship rather than short term transactions. We strongly believe that robust businesses on build on word of mouth publicity, repeat customers and references.

Wishing you best
Prachi Kishore
Managing Director.